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U.S. Open Blog
Sunday, June 8, 2008


The First

by Ken Klavon   USGA

Each year I like to play voyeur and see who registers first. As I mentioned yesterday, a few players had already arrived. Today Justin Hicks holds the distinction of being player numero uno on the singup list. Nick Dougherty was second, followed by Charles Howell III. No Tiger, though. But that was three hours ago.

Retief Goosen and Phil Mickelson also registered. I know because I ran into them. Goosen was carrying a new pair of golf shoes. He looked relaxed. As some may already now, I will forever be linked to Goosen for a dream I had two weeks before the 2001 Open at Southern Hills. Then, I think it would be fair to say that Goosen was a middling European Tour player. No one had him on their radar to win. Why I dreamed that he did probably could be attributable to too much wild game I consumed the night before. I kid.

But it was rather humorous when, after he won, I shared this silly dream with his wife, who then preceded to grab Goosen and tell him while we were sharing a laugh. That's when she jokingly begged me to have more such dreams.

Back to registration. I can't recall any other years of covering the Open of seeing so many players already checked in. The place is hopping.

Each year players are given a gift. This year's is of a Torrey Pines plaque. Not sure if I have an opinion on this compared to past gifts.

Uh oh. Police are here doing a sweep of the media center. Our photo editor asked if she could pet one of the K-9 dogs. They brought a black lab and a German Shepherd. The official said, no, he bites. Naturally, the dogs came sniffing around me. I was praying that I didn't smell of steak to them.

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