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U.S. Open Blog
Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here And There

by Ken Klavon   USGA

Idle thoughts

Everyone knows the U.S. Open test is one of the most brutal examinations in golf. It could still be made tougher. All they need to do is unleash lions during play and that would send TV ratings through the roof. Or to cite an old beer commercial, introduce the tackle football element. Come on, how many would like to see someone get blindsided by a Ray Lewis hit while they stand over a putt? You'd watch. Of course, note to the purists, I'm only kidding.

Wondering how Adam Scott will fare in the Open's most popular group that contains Tiger and Phil. He's been hurting after slamming a finger in a car door. It's broken. Can't imagine how your grip isn't affected by a broken finger. It's like running a marathon with a broken toe.

Torrey Pines is a spectacular place with the bluffs and the Pacific Ocean. The only thing lacking is its history, like, say, an Oakmont.

You can get burned rather easily if you don't watch it. Even with the cool air, say in the upper 60s, you have to wear sunscreen. I had the worst sunburn of my life several weeks ago doing the course setup story. Thing lasted for four days.

Quiz: Who has the most consecutive starts in U.S. Open history? The second-most? Answers below.

There have been 32 playoffs in the Open's history.

The volunteers have done a magnificent job herding people around. Most impressive is how nice they've been. They're usually nice, but sometimes they take on the persona of a battlefield leader.

Just off the horizon, behind the back third tee, is a beach. Not many people know it's a nude beach. One of my colleagues was out there the other day snapping pictures of the ocean and such, looked down and looked surprised as anyone I've ever seen surprised. I laughed.

Boring thought of the day: My nail clippers broke in my hotel room yesterday. Hate having long nails. I would cut 'em down to the cuticle if I could. So I went and bought some on the ride in. Glad to have made a difference in your day with this.

Quiz answers: Jack Nicklaus with 44 and Hale Irwin with 34.

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