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Desktop Leaderboardpresented by RBS
The Desktop Leaderboard is a stand-alone popup window that 'pushes' hole-by-hole scores to your desktop as they change. It also includes player bios and scorecards, player stats and hole illustrations. It is a portal into the official Web site in one small window that can be customized to show your favorite players. It allows you to watch live scoring for the players on course and read player bios and statistics.

How to use the On Demand Leader Board:
  1. The Desktop Leaderboard can be launched from the home page or from the Leaderboard section of the site by clicking on the Leaderboard graphic.
  2. View active players, view entire field or select custom players by selecting one of the tabs across the top.
  3. Click on a players' name to view that player's biography.
  4. Initially the Desktop Leaderboard will be launched in a minimized view. To maximize the Leaderboard window and access the full functionality of the Desktop Leaderboard, click on one of the four tab links at the bottom of the Leaderboard window.
  5. You can select from one of the following tabs to view additional information about the tournament:
    • Player Bio: Personal information by player, including birth date, home country and past results at the U.S. Open.
    • Scorecard: Round-by-round summary of a players score.
    • Statistics: Displays key round statistics for the tournament.
    • Hole: View an overhead illustration of the hole a player is currently playing as well as current stats.
    • Leaders and News Ticker
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