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Watch The 2008 U.S. Open Live Online

Fans can watch the championship action LIVE in near-HD quality while tracking up to five of their favorite players and accessing the real-time leaderboard...all in one place.

Check out highlights and interviews from the practice rounds as well as LIVE coverage of the opening Rounds through this amazing online viewing experience!

> FAQ's for U.S. Open 2008 Video

Live video streaming has ended. Catch up on what you've missed with our extensive on-demand video selection. Hear what the players and USGA officials have to say about the 2008 U.S. Open Championship. Understand the toughest test in golf. Watch flyovers from all 18 holes of Torrey Pines South Course.


Tiger Woods - Round 4 Highlights
Playoff Back Nine - NBC Wrap-Up
Round 3 Preview
Phil Mickelson Fans


Rocco Mediate NBC Interview


Hole No. 1
Hole No. 2
Hole No. 3
Hole No. 4
Hole No. 5
Hole No. 6
Hole No. 7
Hole No. 8
Hole No. 9
Hole No. 10
Hole No. 11
Hole No. 12
Hole No. 13
Hole No. 14
Hole No. 15
Hole No. 16
Hole No. 17
Hole No. 18

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